Shooting range

In those days, when many of us are interested in video-games, is the number of developers still more and more bigger. It is not even surprising, that we have a legendary, quality, and also realistic video-games like Rainbow Six, Battleground, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or, for example, games like Fortnite, which if kinda more about fun, but (even when it looks like that) it is not just for kids. For us, who loves those video-games, especially shooting games, is not hard to choose a gift, or a present, for birthday, Christmas, or anything else. If you know someone, who loves those games, you can give them a statues of their favourite characters, also, you can buy them a new video-games, or some merch products, like t-shits, or hoodies. But if you are really trying to find the perfect present, which is gonna be unforgettable, and perfect enjoyment, we have if!


Shooting range Prague is offering you those unforgettable enjoyments. With a proffesional instructor, you can try some of their guns, and also, this whole project includes hotel transfering. There are many possibilities, what to choose. At first, you can choose the Triple X pack, which includes thirty shots with Glock (9mm), Pump action shotgun, and also AK 47 Kalashnikov. This version is about sixty-five euros for person.


Another possibility is called Call of Duty, whichis about one hundred and fifteen euros for person. This version includes seventy shots with Glock (9mm), Dirty Harry.44 Revolver, Hechler n` Koch.45 pistol, Uzi, AR 15, Pump action shotgun, AK47 Kalashnikov, and finally – CZ 550 Varmint sniper rifle.308 winchester. Next possibility is called Army pack, which is about hundred euros for person. This option includes fifty shots with Uzi, AR 15, Pump action shotgun, AK47 Kalashnikov, and again, CZ 550 Varmint rifle.308 winchester. The last choice is called Dirty Harry pack, which is about ninety euros for person. This option includes fifty shots with Glock (9mm), Dirty Harry.44, Uzi, AR 15, Pump action shotgun, and also again – AK47 Kalashnikov.

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